Vw polo earthing point

The VW Golf is a car that almost needs no introduction. Since its launch back inits popularity has grown to the point that it is now the benchmark small family hatchback.

The simple fact is, the Golf is well made, roomy, efficient, competitively priced and has fantastic residual values. There are rivals that do a marginally better job in lone areas, but none do everything a family needs to such a high standard while remaining fun to drive.

We're going to focus on cars afterand begin with the Mk4 Golf, which came as either a hatch or estate. It's obvious the emphasis was very much on petrol engines back then, with no fewer than eight to choose from. An automatic 'box could be teamed with either the 1. Only one diesel engine - a 1. An automatic gearbox was an option.

The Mk5 Golf went on sale fromagain in hatch and estate forms.

VW Polo 1.2 3-Cyl | Misleading fault codes

It got a fresh new face and the engine line-up was simplified; now there were four petrols and two diesels. You could have either lower-powered 1. If you wanted diesel, you could have either a 1. The Mk6 hatch, estate and open top appeared in Now a 1. Volkswagen also launched a new GTD model that used a high-power diesel engine for GTI-like performance and lower running costs.

An automatic gearbox could be added to all the petrols except for the 1. The Mk7 Golf will be on sale in Januaryso it's too early to comment on reliability just yet. Although the Golf is famed for its solid looks and high-quality interior, there are still things to watch out for when it comes to buying one used.

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How to fix ANY rear tail light ! (earth/ground)

Got a problem with your car? Our team is here to help you solve it. Just contact the What Car? Here are our contact details E-mail: wchelpdesk whatcar. Volkswagen Golf seat belt problem cars Some cars built between July and December had problems with their seat belts. It's possible that the heat discharged during the release of the front seat belt tensioners can set fire to the lower pillar trim. Volkswagen Golf Isofix problem estate cars There have been Isofix problems reported on some estate cars built between May and June Welding faults on the seams of the Isofix mounting bars were found, therefore not guaranteeing the safe support of a child seat in a crash.

Volkswagen Golf passenger airbag problem cars Some cars built between October and November had problems with their passenger airbags.

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They may not release properly due to a leak from the pressure reservoir of the gas generator. Volkswagen Golf rear axle problem cars Some cars built between February and February in had problems with their rear axles. Moisture could enter the ball joints, which would in turn start corrosion causing, the joints to seize.

Volkswagen Golf anti-lock brakes problem cars Owners have reported problems with the anti-lock brakes on cars built between March and September There's a chance the ABS control unit could develop an electric fault, causing overheating, which could lead to a fire and loss of ABS. Volkswagen Golf brakes problem cars Some cars built between February and December had problems with their brakes. A brake servo pipe was known to crack and leak, requiring the driver to apply much more force to the brake pedal in order to get the same braking force.

Volkswagen Golf electrics problems cars There have been reports of problems with the Mk4 Golf's electric windows and central locking.Caused by using the accelerator at the exact same time as starting the engine.

Hints and Tips : Volkswagon idle speed problems

Models affected: Golf, Passat, Polo Classic Service: Follow instructions for starting the vehicle as mentioned in owner's manual. If there is no success control units of the engine should be replaced: Golf Part No.

vw polo earthing point

Service: If need be before assembling, clean all plugs and contacts with spirit After spraying ensure parts are dry. Constantly changing, immoderate idle speed - engine commences only after charging the battery. Cause: If the battery is discharged or disconnected the Motronic control units lose their basic set up regulations. Service: If the battery was discharged or disconnected, turn on the engine for about 10 seconds and then switch off.

This will clear the system and reset it. The engine should start straight away with no recurrence of previous problems.

Erratic idle speed - igntion timing fluctates Cause: Due to a weak union between the rotor and ignition distributor shaft, the rotor can become loose and can coil around on the distributor shaft.

Models affected: Mono Motronic 1. Investigate the arm of the rotor to make sure it has been installed properly. If the rotor arm is loose, attach the ignition distributor - Part No.

As the replacement parts are supplied by a different supplier using a different make up, the fault does not affect them. Poor idle speed, engine jerks regularly Models affected: Magneti Marelli 1AV, AEE engine Cause: The Multipoint engine in the Golf has been made more protective to the environment by keeping the idle speed very low rpm.

Therefore the idle speed is more noticeable in comparison to the last model. Fixing must be avoided. The idle speed cannot run smoothly and cannot be changed. Discussion on this is on going. Vehicle plays up when driving away and stops movement Cause: The Multipoint engine in the Golf has been made more protective to the environment by keeping the idle speed very low rpm.

Therefore there will be some hardship when driving away from idle speed in comparison to the last model. The engine speed must be increased using the accelerator and the throttle valve control unit either alternatively or at the same time. VR6 engine shakes at idle speed - The front seats vibrates uncomfortably Cause: Discordant burning due to too much residual fuel or air in the combustion chamber. Service: Investigate the fuel injection and ignition system as advised in the workshop manual to eliminate faults in this area.

Untighten the engine mountings, start the engine for a tension-free position and then tighten the mountings. Put in place twin earth spark plugs - Part No.

Increased idle speed max. Approximately 40 seconds later or once the acceleration is used the throttle valve angle changed by less than 5y then normality returns to the idle speed.

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Service: Connect the control unit that has been modified Polo - Part No. Prepare a basic setting of the engine control unit adjusting it to the throttle valve control unit. After ignition the engine only runs with rpm and has no response from the accelerator. Cause: As the start was too short and the engine was too low, the idle speed stays at around rpm approx. Service: Switch off the engine and immediately turn it back on. To stop this happening again, the starter motor must keep going for at least a couple of seconds.

If it doesn't the control unit will not acquire the correct information and will be faulty as above.Not so long ago we wrote up a post that discussed the most common reasons a Volkswagen check engine light might be triggered, but in some ways that is the most obvious warning light. Click on the image to enlarge so you can read the fine print, and feel free to give our friendly staff members a call if you need further information. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Volkswagen dashboard warning lights is that they are color coded.

Flashing lights are another sign that you might want to find the nearest parking spot, as the light is flickering to get your attention. There are obvious exceptions, such as with the ABS, which might flash just to let you know that its function was triggered. Scheduling an appointment is easy to do online, and we can diagnose your problem with your diagnostic computer to confirm that it is a mechanical or electrical failure, or if the monitoring system itself is failing.

We hope you found our list of VW warning lights helpful. Remember, if you have any questions just leave us a comment below, and be sure to check back here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog for more service center tips. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

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vw polo earthing point

Read More. How often should you change your vehicle's wiper blades? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Your Comment. Search for:.

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Our Dealership Findlay North Volkswagen. Sales Hours Service Hours Responsive VW Dealer Website by.With the help of the Ross-tech VCDS cable and software a lot of features can be unlocked in these cars. It can also be used for diagnosing issues, taking logs etc. I bought the cable a few years back and have used it quite a lot over time. A lot of people keep asking me about stuff that can be done using it.

So I thought I would put up a thread for the benefit of all bhpians. VCDS as such has a whole lot of options and its impossible to master it completely.

However, I would like to put up some of the common things for which it can be used. Feel free to add to this thread any other interesting feature which you might have found.

vw polo earthing point

I will be putting up screenshots of the things I have done in my Polo. The main VCDS screen latest version Last edited by robimahanta : 24th June at The following 68 BHPians Thank robimahanta for this useful post:. View My Garage. Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Technical Stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Wow this looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing. The cable acts as a license dongle for the software, so there is no separate activation cost. This is good Would there be any offer for bulk purchases of VCDS cable? If yes, we could think of a 'group buy'. Very useful thread Robi, thanks for sharing. From a personal point of view, the needle sweep staging seems really interesting, would love to get it done at some point in time. The following BHPian Thanks iliketurtles for this useful post: anachronix.

Wow, this is way beyond what is available on most other cars. Some queries: Is there any option whereby you can backup the original settings and save it to your laptop just in caseor reset everything to factory defaults, in case some option or combination of options plays foul with the system? Further, can this data be fed to an independent display or additional aftermarket display screen? Originally Posted by latentpotential. Robi Great thread! Thanks a lot for the thread Robi!

About time we had one on the forums. The amount of customisations VCDS offers is massive! Like an interactive demo. Originally Posted by iliketurtles. Yes, VCDS is quite powerful. I am using it on my Vento for last 4 months and pretty satisfied. Some key features activated 1. Emergency Braking Flashing lights 2.When it comes to diagnosis a cool head must be maintained when all around appears to be crumbling.

Our relationship with the customer pays dividends during diagnosis where rapport is essential when things appear to go from bad to worse. It is very easy to jump to conclusions when the evidence gathered during diagnosis points to a particular component. It is at this stage we should take stock and step away to ponder before we commit to our diagnosis. Why not ask yourself this same question before replacing the suspect component?

Asking yourself this question before committing to your diagnosis could potentially lead you to the actual cause and avoid embarrassment. The case study below is one such example where taking a step back at the correct point in time saved the day.

The vehicle in question is a 1. A basic inspection including a road test confirmed no cutting out but a clear lack of performance under acceleration.

An emission and fuel quality test proved inconclusive and so attention was focused on the detection condition of the offending MAP Sensor fault code, P The detection conditions surround the power, ground and output signals of the MAP sensor in relation to engine speed, load and throttle position.

The integrity of power and ground proved stable with the engine running and so the functionality of the sensor had to be proven. A brief clean of the MAP Sensor and intake manifold port resulted in improved functionality of a component that could be attributed to the lack of power, negative fuel trim and cutting out.

A note here surrounding power, ground and signal of components such as MAP sensors:. Whilst it may be tempting to measure the signal wire only based on the fact that if the signal is OK then power and ground must be OKtrue evaluation of any component must include power, ground and signal simultaneously, unfortunately consuming three channels of your scope. The waveform below confirms a rapid response of the MAP sensor in relation to a WOT test, accompanied with the characteristic pulsations at idle speed that can be attributed to valve open and close events.

A road test once again confirmed no cutting out but the lack of power remained. As a result further diagnosis time was now required. It is at this point customer rapport comes into play as we have used up what is fondly referred to as the Golden Hour. Authorization via the customer allowed for an additional 1 hour labour. All proved inconclusive! During the above tests it was noted that cranking time had increased before the engine would start accompanied with lumpy idle speed before stabilising.

Could this be compression related as we seem to have exhausted all other possibilities? At last, a breakthrough in the diagnosis and something conclusive to follow. I have to say at this point, this is the second time I have used the Waveform Library during real-life diagnosis to confirm valve timing errors and both times it has proved to be successful.

Here we are looking at a small correlation error that would appear to be outside the detection of the PCM given no correlation codes have been recorded! Could this error be responsible for our Map sensor and fuel trim codes? Further analysis of the Camshaft timing error highlighted an alarming shift in the correlation during engine cranking see above.

Here we can see a shift in the relationship between the Crankshaft and Camshaft by 1. With the confirmation of shifting valve timing, the pressure transducer was installed into each cylinder for an overview of the effects on peak compression where all were found to be normal.

However, an exhaust back pressure of 1. Could the exhaust back pressure be a result of shifting valve timing 1. Both have the potential to effect all cylinders equally and both could produce the symptoms described by the customer lack of power, fuel trim correction and cutting out. The oxygen sensor was removed and the compression hose of the WPSX with compression hose adaptor TA M18 was installed into the exhaust manifold in order to measure the back pressure during cranking.

Things had obviously gone from bad to worse as our cylinder exhaust pressure had climbed from 1. This was now getting serious and expensive as the valve timing must have slipped even further for such an increase in the cylinder pressure during the exhaust stroke. A physical valve timing inspection revealed the degree of our valve timing error!Choose from the following next steps or continue scrolling to explore the Polo. Explore the Polo features. Polo offers. Find my perfect Polo. Compare the Polo specifications.

Download a brochure. Need help?

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Whatever lies ahead, the new Polo has got you covered. Bigger and better than ever before, the charismatic new Polo is designed to meet the challenges of the modern world.

VCDS (Vag-Com Diagnostic System) for VW & Skoda - Discussion Thread

Advanced safety features like standard Pedestrian Detection and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking minimise your risk of an accident while the optional Adaptive Cruise Control takes the stress out of long drives. The new Polo has had a modern, sporty facelift. With a fresh, clean style and dynamic lines, it strikes the perfect balance between design and function.

With sports seats, high-gloss decorative trim in a variety of colours, a black roof, sporty alloy wheels and a whole host of other features, the optional design packages offer all the customisation options you need to create your own unique Polo. Delight in the details. It entices your eyes around the vehicle, conveying a dynamic sense of movement that will keep you gazing for hours. Sometimes bigger is better.

The result? Even more headroom and legroom for driver and passengers alike. An impressive litres boot capacity means that not only is there space for all your shopping - you can also pack everything you need to head off on your next adventure.

Taking the stress out of unexpected situations, the new Polo keeps you safer than ever before. If the Front Assist detects a possible collision, it lets you know with an acoustic and visual warning and prepares the car for emergency braking.Connector navigation system.

Aerial Connector. DAB aerial input connection, optional. Multi-pin connector 1, 8-pin, for loudspeaker outputs. Multi-pin connector 4, pin, for CD changer control and CD audio input signals.

Multi-pin connector 5, audio and video, pin. FM 2 aerial input connection. VW Car Radio Stereo Audio Wiring Diagram Autoradio connector wire installation schematic schema esquema de conexiones stecker konektor connecteur cable shema car stereo harness wire speaker pinout connectors power how to install. VW Car radio wiring diagrams. Car radio wire diagram stereo wiring diagram gm radio wiring diagram.

Car stereo wiring diagrams car radio wiring car radio wiring colors car radio wire car radio connections wiring diagram car radio wire colours. VW auto radio wiring diagrams install car radio. How to install car radio autoradio wiring harness stereo installation. How to install car radio wires.

Car radio install car wiring diagrams wiring harness pinout connector diagram. Car stereo radio wiring diagram. How to wire a car radio wiring diagram for car stereo. Car stereo wiring diagram radio installation head unit. Car radio wire colors car audio wiring free radio wiring diagrams. Radio diagram wiring car radio car radio wiring diagrams.

Free car radio wires stock diagram. Car radio wiring colour codes car radio speakers. RCD 1. Multi-pin connector 2, 8-pin, for voltage supply lines and CAN bus. Multi-pin connector 3, pin, for telephone and microphone signals.

Aerial Connector FM 2 aerial input connection. Free Download.

vw polo earthing point

Circuit Diagram.

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