Turbo sts grill parts

Flame Thrower control valves are interesting because they integrate the piezo module and the electrode in a design that literally throws gas out in a cloud and then ignites the gas so the fire-ball will ignite the burner.

This type of control valve has a tremendously high success rate for ignition without having to maintain much. The problem comes as the grills get older and have not been kept clean so flare-ups and excessive heat can cover the tip of the electrode with carbon or melt the wiring.

Fortunately the valves are easy to replace. For additional information images and video of flame thrower style control valves visit our installation video blog post: Flame Thrower Video.

Ever Since These Control Valves Became Unavailable we have been scrambling to find a control that will replace the originals. With No Luck we sent one of our last flame thrower valves to a control company who fabricated this valve for us.

Although not a flame thrower, this control valve was designed to have the same clamp-on connection size, same valve stem and same orifice extension angle.

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The STS valve for the Turbo models has this flame thrower valve with the extended orifice. The same control valve was also fabricated into models by Jenn Air, Kirkland and some others who use this same valve. The extended orifice is the detail to look for to determine if this is your control valve replacement. The New Valves we had fabricated as replacements also clamp onto the gas manifold pipe.

The valve stem is the same size and direction and the extension has the same orifice and angle to attach to the burner venturi in the control area of the Turbo STS barbecue. As we can see here in these images the valves fit exactly the same. The only serious difference is the ignition. These valves were very expensive to only manufacture a few thousand and adding the flame thrower finctionality would have doubled the price.

Instead we change the battery-powered ignition module that ignites the rotisserie. The current ignition module has one outlet so we replace it with a 4 or 6 outlet module. Replacing the module and electrodes is simple and not very expensive. Also, if one or more burners still have a flame thrower valve these burners will ignite the burners next to them.

Please note there were three different barbecue grills purchased by the same retailer and all were called STS models. Two STS models had flame thrower valves but the orifice on the flame thrower valves were different. This orifice is 6 mm across which is very small. Many clients mistakenly see the entire extension as the orifice and try to remove it to convert the grill from gas to propane or liquid propane to natural gas but only the small tip at the end is the gas orifice.

Replacement gas valve for turbo STS gas grills with model. Valve Maintenance -- leaking: O-ring type gasket for clamp-on barbeque grill control valves. Control valves that go bad usually get damaged from heat and begin to leak where it attaches to the manifold.

Repair Parts for Turbo Gas BBQ Grills from BBQ Galore

This is the gasket that fixes the seal from a clamp on valve attached to the barbecue grill manifold. Replacement gas orifice has quarter-inch hex-head diameter. Orifices are new from the manufacturer.The gas barbecue grill Elite models by OCI were truly exceptional gas grills with tremendous longevity and legendary design features.

Unfortunately the stability of the company did not last and these awesome grills did not remain in fabrication for even a decade. The video instructions below demonstrate how to remove the control panel from an Outdoor Concepts, Inc. The OCI gas barbecue grill Elite models include the E36 and the E48 which both integrate a pressurized infrared burner at the far right side of the grilling surface.

Grilling at searing temperatures is what these are made to do. The U burners in an OCI gas bbq grill are also able to be very hot and these U shaped burners have heavy stainless steel rod trays installed above the burners so the convectional heat coupled with the conductive heat radiating off these all stainless rod trays in enormous has the ability to grill above restaurant-quality searing temperatures even without the infrared burner.

However, the OCI Elite models also have a smoker and a rotisserie with their own dedicated burners and cooking system accessories. These OCI gas barbecue grill models were made to be fully capable of every and any kind of cooking style and at any type of temperature type and temperature level.

Of course the goal of this particular post is not to be a cheerleader for OCI grills but showing the information in the video tutorial above. The OCI Elite models control panel always had a nice clean appearance without bolts or screws at the four corners.

There are no visible means of production across the control panel. Only when we need to repair something or access the control area for some reason do we realize we need to understand how the control panel is removed — and removed properly. As we will have seen in the instructional video shown above, the lower drip tray slides completely out so we are able to look up inside the control panel and realize each far side of the control panel has 3 bolts holding each side in place — this is a Lot when compared to other gas grills and is really a bit much when the overall design makes to seem as though there is no hardware at all!

Fortunately, as shown in our tutorial video above, we really only have to actually extract the very lowest left and the lowest right side bolts. Once the lowest left and right side bolt is removed from under and behind the control panel — easier typed than accomplished but not too bad I promise — the rotisserie button and the rotisserie bezel Must Be Removed with the control knobs.

Now suitably naked, the control panel will shift about a half-inch up and slide out of the front of the gas grill. It is possible to keep the control anel perfectly straight and level by sliding up and then sliding out the lower bolt before the higher bolt which is how we pull the control panel out in the video.

Once the control panel is free the only resistance will be determined by the length of the momentary switch button wires which simply pull free.

turbo sts grill parts

Often customers contact us for assistance because a infrared rotisserie burner will turn on but then turns itself off when the control knob is released.

Rotisserie infrared back burners should keep burning until we turn them off! Usually when a client contacts us with this complaint the assumption is that the thermocouple is not functioning or the burner is damaged but about ninety nine percent of the time neither of these are problematic. The safety feature of the control has a spring loaded solenoid which can be easily damaged, even inside the body of the valve.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Barbeques Galore Turbo 32-inch 4-Burner Built-In BBQ Gas Grill - Natural Gas - BTH3216BNG

Side burners, cabinets, and must-have accessories are available to compliment this grill in your outdoor kitchen. Need an Install Kit? Barbeques Galore will warrant to the original purchaser of this product that it will be free of defects in material and workmanship for set periods from the original date of purchase when used under normal outdoor use and correct assembly on the cooking grids and stainless steel burners, flame tamers, valves, plastic components, electronic components, and all other stainless steel parts.

This is a great grill and have used it for about 6 months - 3 or 4 times a week. Issue is the markings on the control knobs for the main burner have worn off and you can not tell at this point where the setting is from "high" to "low" plus there is an indication where to set the knob when lighting, which has also worn off.

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I have tried calling the company with the number provided in the manual but always placed on hold for so long, I hang up. Left message with return phone number but yet to receive phone call. Trying to find stick-on label to place on the control knobs. For more info on Prop 65, go to: www. Skip to content Our Response to Covid Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.

Free Shipping. Add to Cart. Add to Cart Add to Cart Wishlist. Product description Specifications Reviews 2 Warnings. Limited Lifetime Warranty Barbeques Galore will warrant to the original purchaser of this product that it will be free of defects in material and workmanship for set periods from the original date of purchase when used under normal outdoor use and correct assembly on the cooking grids and stainless steel burners, flame tamers, valves, plastic components, electronic components, and all other stainless steel parts.

Please see owner manual for details. David L.Having trouble getting your grill to light up? A common cause of this issue is a defective ignition switch. We'll show you how easy it is to replace the ignitor switch on your Char-Broil infrared g Have a rusty, old, or damaged handle on your gas grill that needs replacing?

Follow the steps outlined below to replace the handle on your grill in just minutes. Shopping Cart. Submit Search. Sign in Sign in with Password. Cart Shopping Cart 0 item s in your cart. Restore a saved shopping cart. Turbo BBQ Parts.

We're open and continuing to ship packages. Outdoor Grill Parts. Repair Guides. Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. Accessories for the Turbo 4-Burner. Where do I find replacement wheels? Good Day Priscilla.

Thank you for your question in regards to your unit. In order for us to assist you we will need you to provide us with the full model number of your unit in order for us to research into finding the right compatible parts. If you are having difficulty locating your model number we would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer as they should be able to assist you finding it.

Best Regards. Did this question help you? Yes No. Ask a question. Ask our experts a question about this part and we will respond as soon as we can. Join our VIP email list to receive money-saving-advice and special discounts.Page of 24 Go.

Quick Links. Download this manual. America's Largest Chain of Barbecue Stores. Note: We highly recommend you always cover this barbecue when it is not in use which will prolong the life of. All barbecues and carts are designed for outdoor use only! Customer Service Helpline: If you have questions about assembly or grill operation, or if there are damaged or missing.

Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable. An LP cylinder not connected for use should not. Table of Contents. Page 3: Safety Information The LP gas tank must be constructed and marked in Barbeques Galore cannot be held responsible for any accordance with specifications of the U. Page 4 If this or property damage.

Shut off gas supply to the grill. Page 5 The phone number is on the warning decal which is permanently attached to the tank. If the tank manufacturer has not resolved the issue to your satisfaction, then call the Barbeques Galore store near- est you. Page 6 Gas Orifices Check that proper orifices are installed in the valves.

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Page 7 5. Your barbecue has been supplied with a pair of Side Trims Figure 4 which are used for built-in installations. Install Stainless Flame Tamer Assemblies into the barbe Do not touch hot surfaces.

Attach Motor Bracket Assembly to side of barbecue frame can be mounted on either the left or right side of the frame using two screws 13and two nuts 14 Fig. Page 10 Stainless Steel Cooking Grills: These stainless steel Figure 13 Grills provide a uniform heated cooking surface to sear your steak to perfection. It may be necessary to remove grills if the rotisserie is used to gain greater depth Notch in front of Figure Lid must be in open position before lighting.

Your food will cook faster, with fewer flare-ups and you will use less energy. Always use a drip tray when cooking roasts, whole fish, chickens and ALL rotisserie cook- ing.

Smoke cooking is an exceptionally slow method of cooking in which a flavoring source is added to the Ceramic Briquettes in Once lit, the Rotisserie Burner will reach cooking tem- order to impart its own delectable flavor to the meal for a deep perature quickly. Page 14 Replacement parts for this barbecue unit are available vidual burner out of the barbecue and brush it down very thor- from your Barbeques Galore retailer.

Make sure every port hole is open. If the holes are obstructed, they may be cleaned using Have propane cylinder LP units filled by Install grill closer than 14" on the sides or 16" on authorized LP supplier.

turbo sts grill parts

Record your grill model number on your Attempt any adjustment of the regulator, it has been preset and tested. Please ask a Barbeques Galore associate for full details. Figure 27 Non-combustible This manual is also suitable for: Turbo sts b Turbo sts b Turbo sts brb Turbo sts Turbo sts Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All Coverstore Elite collection of outdoor products purchased from Coverstore are backed by a 3-year warranty. Those listed here are guaranteed to be free from material and craftsmanship defects for a duration of 3 years from the date of purchase. Quickly remove stubborn stains from your cover and keep it looking fresh and clean all year-round.

Cleaner works on all water-safe fabrics. Now that the exterior of your grill is protected, clean unwanted carbon buildup and oil residue from the interior and exterior of your grill with this fast working degreaser formula! With durable yet lightweight Polyester, the Elite material offers customers the protection they need. We divide our covers into collections based on a variety of features and qualities.

Let us help you find which material best matches your needs. Lightweight, versatile, and cost-efficient material, you can rely on our Classic collection to protect your outdoor investments without breaking the bank.

turbo sts grill parts

Learn More. Our 1 best-selling material, the Covermates Elite collection sets the standard for design and functionality. Our Ultima collection is engineered with premium materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure protection of your outdoor lifestyle.

Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Our Covermates Elite built-in grill covers are designed to provide exceptional protection while looking great in your backyard or patio setting. A built-in grill cover is important for keeping your cooking surface free from dust, dirt, rain, snow, leaves, bugs, rodents, tree sap, bird droppings and other debris, so that when you're ready to fire it up, your grill is ready to go!

Important Note: this built-in grill cover is only intended to cover and protect the cooking surface and hood or lid of your grill and not any counter or shelf area surrounding the cooking surface.

If you would like to cover your countertop areas as well, see our selection of island grill covers. Each Elite built-in grill cover is designed with a strong elastic hem and drawcord system to keep the cover securely in place. Like all of our Elite collection, these covers are also backed by a 3-year warranty.

Hand wash Do not tumble dry Do not bleach Do not iron. Change Grill.

Turbo STS 26" Main Burner

Item CH2 Collection: Elite Charcoal. Color Choose an Option Multi-Surface Cleaner Quickly remove stubborn stains from your cover and keep it looking fresh and clean all year-round. Add to Cart. Commercial or volume sales?

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Join Coverstore Pro! PDP below add to cart cover pro register. Take Advantage of Coverstore Pro. Save on commercial and volume purchases Learn More. Already a Coverstore Pro member? Sign In.Generally the Turbo gas grill replacement parts that are needed are burners, briquette trays and cooking grates.

Below are the ignition electrodes, modules and gas BBQ grill parts to repair Turbo gas barbeque grills. If you need help or just have questions, contact us anytime.

Battery holder and button igniter replacement for Turbo gas barbecue grill repair. The battery holder button mounts in the control panel of many older style Turbo gas BBQ grills. Because the manifold is too close to the control panel the module with the button and battery is too big to fit inside the control panel. This battery holder button is wired to a seperate module - below -- and that module is wired to the electrodes that spark at the burners inside the barbeque grill.

Electrode and collector box cross over ignitor for Turbo gas BBQ grills allows spark ignition and crossover ignition from one grill burner to the next burner.

Click here for additional information about this electrode. The module installs into the control panel and the electrodes plug into this module.

This is the 2 spark module so there are two spade outlets for either 2 electrodes or 1 electrode and 1 ground wire. Works with item above and plugs into grill electrode ignition.

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Some Turbo electronic ignition systems have a bettary pack with a button that attaches to a module that attaches to the electrodes that spark at the burner. This module is from the older style igniter with three parts. This module has 4 prongs to attach 4 electrodes for use with turbo grills with up to 5 burners. Although image is green, modules are often black. Replacement module for any gas barbecue grill ignition system.

All-In-One battery poweref AA ignitor module can be connected to any electrode for any barbecue ignition system. Replacement ignitor spark generator with 6 electrode connection brackets. This ignition module can be made to work with any barbeque that has a hole in the control panel or by placing a hole in the control panel.

A nut under the button holds the module box to the control panel and the AA battery is under the button which unscrews to replace the battery.

Replacement rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Ducane, Profire, DCS, Lynx and many hundreds of other gas grill models.

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